Register to be a MEMBER

How to become a Herbalife Member/VIP Client/Health Coach

Step 1: Go online to

Step 2: Click on the box in the lower left corner says “Apply Online to Become an Herbalife Distributor!

Once that page opens, use the following details:

Sponsor’s Herbalife ID Number: 10y0491839
First 3 letters of Sponsor’s Last Name: JEN
Purchased an International Business Pack? NO

Then fill out the application.
Takes less than 10 minutes! Choose the $58 option, with FedEx home delivery, and it amounts to $68.

Presto! You now have your 25% discount/profit. Time to order your products for your nutrition plan. Order the products and let’s get started.

How To Order Your Nutrition Plan

Step 1: go to and login using your sponsor ID and password.
Step 2: go to “ORDER PRODUCTS” in the top right corner and then down to “Product Catalog

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